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Handwashing Education - Clean the World Asia

Our Hygiene Education programs are as important as our soap recycling. In fact every time we host a Hygiene Kit Build we are also educating people on proper hygiene habits. Last month we had the pleasure of running our programs for both JP Morgan & Jumpstart Magazine.

推廣衛生教育計劃與香皂回收一樣重要。 每個衞生包製作活動都會以我們的衛生教育講座開始,以提醒參與者們注意適當的衛生習慣。 上個月,我們有幸為JP Morgan摩根大通和Jumpstart雜誌開展了我們的義工活動。

CTW Asia is proud to partner with Jumpstart Magazine’s summer program Jumpstart Kids. Since 2017 we have been helping to inspire future kidtrepreneurs aged between 8 -12.

潔世亞洲很自豪能與Jumpstart雜誌的暑期項目Jumpstart Kids合作。 自2017年以來,我們一直在幫助鼓勵年齡在8-12歲之間的未來企業家。

This year we ran two Hygiene Education workshops for 36 kids. Our interactive demonstration on hand washing taught them the importance of good hygiene.

今年,我們為36名孩子舉辦了兩場衛生教育研討會。 我們提供的清潔雙手示範和遊戲活動, 教會了他們良好衛生的重要性。

Our summer intern Peiyi had this to say about the experience:

“Thank you for providing me a chance to give a hygiene education workshop to children. It was a joyful experience! I not only learned strategies of teaching children but also got to improve my hygiene knowledge. I am happy that I did my part to spread environmental knowledge to the next generation!” – Peiyi


謝謝讓我有機會為孩子們舉辦一次衛生教育研討會。這是一次愉快的經歷!我不僅學會了教育孩子的技巧,而且還提高了我的衛生知識。我很高興盡了自己的一份力量, 來傳播關於環境保護的知識給下一代!

JP Morgan sponsored our Green Hygiene Education as part of their Bring Your Kids to Work Day program. We had a wonderful experience presenting to 150 children, aged 6-12 years, in 4 sessions and over two days. 摩根大通贊助我們的綠色衛生教育,作為他們的「孩子上班日」計劃的一部分。 我們為150個介乎6-12歲的孩子,在兩天中舉辦了四場衞生教育活動。Here’s Sarah, one of our volunteers:

” I really enjoyed the experience of working with Clean the World Asia in their Hygiene Education Workshop with JP Morgan. The children were super engaged throughout and were as shocked as I was to learn about the amount of germs and diseases that are transmitted as a result of bad hygiene! They absolutely loved learning about the 7 steps of hand washing and being given the opportunity to pack the recycled soap bars for those in need. I think that Clean The World Asia does incredible work and I look forward to supporting them more moving forward! ” – Sarah


“我非常喜歡與摩根大通一起在衛生教育研討會上與潔世亞洲合作的經歷。孩子們在整個過程中都非常投入,並學習細菌傳播疾病的威脅,因而感到震驚。 他們非常喜歡學習正確清潔雙手的7個步驟,大家很高興有機會為有需要的人包裝環保香皂。我認為潔世亞洲的工作十分有意思,期待著繼續支持潔世!”

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