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Partnering to Provide Soap

All guest supply customers get 15% off the Hotel Recycling Program!

Soap Recycling for Hotels - Clean the World Asia

Turning Trash Into Treasure

Clean the World Asia is proud to partner with hotels that are leaders within the hospitality industry. Click the button below to see our hospitality partners on a map.

Reducing landfill waste - Hong Kong charity Clean the World Asia - Soap Recycling Programs

It is The Right Thing To Do

Hotels generate large volumes of solid waste everyday. 2,000 kids under the age of five die every day from hygiene related illnesses that could be prevented by the simple use of a bar of soap. A waste reduction program with soap recycling can protect the environment, preserve natural resources, and save lives.

Volunteering with Clean the World Asia

Hotel Recycling

Every day, 7 million bars of soap are discarded and left in landfills. That is why we advocate for recycling and redistributing this soap in order to save lives and affect positive social change. Join our efforts to create long-lasting social and environmental solutions to make this world more sustainable.

Hygiene Kit distribution for children in need

Engage Your Guests and Improve Employee Morale

Meeting planners and travelers frequently consider sustainability practices when booking a hotel. Recycling with Clean the World Asia is a great way to achieve corporate social responsibility goals and attract more guests. Many hotel employees come from the same countries that receive recycled soap from Clean the World Asia. Those team members feel a special connection to the program.