Why Doing Good is Good for Business

Hong Kong Charity Education Program - Clean the World Asia

At Clean the World, we are fortunate to be able to discuss and exchange ideas with companies both big and small, exploring ways for the private sector to do good for their local communities and the environment.  In fact, more and more companies are adopting the view that businesses can be a force for good.

潔世很榮幸能夠與各大大小小的公司共同研究和交流想法,探索私營部門為當地社區和環境保護作出貢獻的方法。 事實上,越來越多的公司採用的觀點是,企業是可以成為一股良好的慈善力量。

We have met individuals within companies who are taking positive action with remarkable immediacy.  These change makers are leading the way for the purpose beyond just branding or profit, these are steps they initiated to ensure business continuity and best practice. 

很多企業內部當中的有心人,他們具有非凡的影響力,正在採取積極行動參與。。 這些變革者正在為建立品牌形象和利潤之外的目標邁進並引領潮流,這些都是他們為確保業務連續性的最佳實踐而發起的步驟。

Companies are getting more serious about their ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) reporting by understanding longer-term risks when potential scenarios of environmental and climatic threats are at play. Companies are looking at what ESG tools they have to put in place – such as the appropriate skillsets, board of directors support and ESG-linked compensation – to integrate ESG into its business. 

當潛在的環境改變和氣候威脅正在發酵,企業界通過了解長期風險,對其ESG(環境,社會和管治)報告越來越重視。 企業界正在研究他們必須採用哪些ESG工具 – 例如相應的技能組合,加強董事會的支持,及與ESG相關措施- 來將ESG融合到其業務當中。

To those who read our eNewsletters and this blog post, your actions matter and you are the biggest piece to the puzzle of our global wellbeing.


With that, we would like end with a quote from actress and activist, Emma Watson.

在此,我們想以女演員和環保支持者Emma Watson愛瑪屈臣的名言來作結束。

“The word ‘change’ can be intimidating, riddled with expectations of outcomes and fear of failure.  So I want to propose something to you: when steering a boat, a captain can shift the wheel one degree and it drastically change the course of the boat.  I would like to challenge you, to make a one-degree shift, because a small change can make a huge difference.”

“「變化」這個詞可能令人生畏,充滿著對結果的期望落差和對失敗的恐懼。 所以我想向你提出一個建議:當駕駛船時,船長將船輪轉動一度,它可以徹底改變船的航向。 我想給你一個挑戰,一同來進行一度的小轉變,因為一個微小的變化將可以帶來巨大的改變。“