How Hygiene Kits Unite the Fortunate with the Less Fortunate

Handwritten care messages to Hong Kong elderly

We live in a unique time where technology has enabled humanity to interact and exchange information with each other in new and wonderful ways yet it has created larger waves of disconnection.


Clean the World’s hygiene kit build event is a fun and meaningful event that brings people together to assemble hygiene kits with their hands. This activity not only enables them to reconnect with their team members, colleagues and friends, but also reminds them to take the time to think about and do something for the less fortunate. 

潔世的衛生包製作是一項有趣和有意義的活動,讓大家凝聚在一起親手參與衛生包製作活動。 這項活動不僅使我們能夠與團隊成員,同事和朋友重新聯繫,而且還能提醒大家重新思考並檢討,可以怎樣為弱勢社群給予更多支持和鼓勵。