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6 hygiene kits and 12 soap bars for disaster, humanitarian relief efforts in natural disaster risk countries across Asia and people in need in Hong Kong.

Hygiene kits are care packages with daily essentials to give our beneficiaries a sense of dignity. They include soap from Clean the World Asia, a dental kit, face towel, and custom message cards to leave encouraging greetings to the beneficiaries.

Hygiene Education Programs - Saving lives through clean hands


This will provide soap and hygiene education for one child for one year ensuring sustainable behavioral change. Proper Hygiene Care keeps a child in school and ensures that they achieve their full potential.

Hand Hygiene Education for Mothers - Clean the World Asia


HK$200 will provide soap for a mother and her child for one year. Proper hygiene care education will ensure behavioral change and create lifelong habits that elevate families from poverty.

Repurposed and recycled soap bars - Clean the World Asia in Hong Kong


HK$300 will ensure there are always soaps put aside for emergencies situations and provide 10 hygiene kits.

“In case of a typhoon, hurricane or earthquakes, one of the biggest problems people on the ground faced is hygiene related diseases. When the local supply of hygiene products is exhausted, people are unable to do the simplest things such as washing their hands, which increases the spread of diseases. Clean the World preposition soaps supply in areas that are most vulnerable to these disasters.” – Sam Stephens, Chief Executive Clean the World Foundation.

Hygiene Kit Building - Caring for communities in need in Hong Kong


As part of its global hygiene revolution, Clean the World builds hygiene kits consisting of soap, face towels, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste. As of 2017, Clean the World Asia has provided about 205,000 hygiene kits. HK$500 will provide 20 hygiene kits and hygiene education to a whole class of students.

School Outreach - Soap Distribution and Hand Washing Education


Clean the World has partnerships with organizations in Hong Kong, Philippines, Nepal, Macau, Sri Lanka, among others, where they help distribute soaps and hygiene kits. “In some of these remote places, like in the Philippines for example, children who benefit from CTW have never seen soap before, and because it smells good, some even thought it was candy.” -Volunteer in Guizhou, China.

HK$1000 will provide soaps and hygiene education to 10 children and families in rural communities


We have joined the amazing Give.Asia platform, so you can now do exciting and fun campaigns and challenges to help fundraise for soap and hygiene kits, supplies that are critical to help those in need!