We Love Our Soap

Gyneth Tan-Murphy - Managing Director, Clean the World Asia

And our beneficiaries do too!

Tests by SGS laboratories ensure our soap is up to cosmetic grade standards. This means each bar we produce transforms from used to better-than-new. The reason it is better-than-new? Not only is it high quality soap but they are repurposed. Thus reducing our carbon footprint. These soap bars are human tested, as we use it to wash our face and body! It’s what we like to call giving soap with dignity.

Why is that so important?

Giving soap with dignity is about respect. And even though people are receiving this for free it doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of our respect. People in need have pride too and deserve to receive soap with dignity.  This is a basic human right.


SGS實驗室的專業測試確保我們的環保香皂達到化妝品級標準,能夠安全地使用於對面部和身體。我們的環保香皂成功將已使用的物品轉化成更優良的全新產品, 它比全新產品的更好的原因? 它不僅是高品質的環保香皂,而且還將已使用物品成功轉型並改變用途, 從而減少我們的碳足跡, 這些環保香皂經過人體測試,我們可以用它來清潔面部和和身體!這就是我們所尊重的升級再生。


分享環保香皂給受惠者是出於尊重,即使環保香皂是免費的,但這並不意味著他們不值得我們尊重。 有需要的人也是很自豪,也應該得到優質的產品。 這是一項基本人權。

“CTWA’s Managing Director, Gyneth Tan-Murphy uses CTWA’s recycled soap bars at her home in Hong Kong.”

(PC: Tracy Wong) 

“潔世亞洲的董事Gyneth Tan-Murphy在她位於香港的家中使用潔世的環保香皂。”