Summer Intern Spotlight: Ben Ellsworth

Summer intern at Clean the World Asia

This summer, Clean the World Asia is hosting two summer interns. Here is a fun interview with Ben Ellsworth, a rising sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley.

1. What’s your name?
My full name is Benjamin Earl Ellsworth! But most people just call me Ben.

2. Where are you from?
I am from Chino Hills, California, a small suburb outside of Los Angeles.

3. What are you studying and what do you want to be when you grow up?
I am an incoming 2nd year at UC Berkeley and have not declared a major yet. I am currently choosing between Astrophysics and Political Economy. In either case, I intend to enter the public sector for my career, be it NASA, the US Department of State, or some other governmental entity.

4. What’s a quirky fun fact most people don’t know about you?
I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan and have memorized many of her songs!

5. Why did you choose Clean the World Asia?
I chose Clean the World Asia because I wanted to immerse myself in the nonprofit sector and learn about how to better affect and promote social change. When I learned about CTWA’s work and how they are fighting for all people to have access to basic necessities, like adequate hygiene, I knew it would be an incredible experience to intern for them.

6. What’s your role whilst working at CTWA?
As an intern at CTWA, I have been tasked with administrative duties like updating the hotel accounts and their contact information. I have also worked with my fellow intern, Victoria, in preparing presentations that promote green hygiene and CTWA’s mission. 

7. What’s been your favourite experience working with CTWA so far?
My favourite experience working with CTWA so far has been when Victoria and I presented to the JumpStart Kids about green hygiene! We both had so much fun and felt that we had made the kids more aware of the importance of proper hygiene and green initiatives like recycling soap. 

8. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen or eaten in HK?
The weirdest thing I’ve eaten in Hong Kong was some sort of intestines in some sort of soup. I was not a fan!

9. What’s your favourite quote?
“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” -Hillary Rodham Clinton

10. What has been your biggest lesson from your intern experience at CTWA?
My biggest lesson has been the revelation that products I usually don’t think about or appreciate, like soap, can be the difference between life and death for many around the world. I have also learned that the efforts of a team, like the one here at CTWA, can create substantial, positive contributions to the lives of many. 

11. What is your favorite thing about Hong Kong?
I love how Hong Kong is comprised of a sprawling city environment that is just an MTR ride away from total immersion in nature. I have been able to go hiking and exploring up in the New Territories and then come back to somewhere like Kennedy Town for dinner all in one day!