Happy Father’s Day Alex! 父親節快樂 ! Alex

The Team - Alex

1. What’s your name?  ­      請問你叫什麼名字?

  Alex Chin.          


2. How long have you worked at CTWA?    你在潔世亞洲工作多久了?

  5 years 


3. What do you like most about your job?  對於這工作 你最喜歡的是什麼?

  I like that my job is very meaningful and it can help people.  Previously, I worked in logistics company and I feel happier now that my work has a positive purpose.

  我喜歡在潔世工作,覺得非常有意義,又可以幫助别人,相比以往在物流公司工作,現在我感到更快樂 。

4. What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from working at CTWA?   您在潔世亞洲工作中學到的最重要的一課是什麼?

  I learn a lot about how we can protect the environment by recycling soap and also how soap can help people be healthier.


5. Do you have any children?   你有孩子嗎?

  One (1) daughter .  


6. What do you like to do with your daughter and family?  你喜歡和你的女兒和家人一起做什麼?

  I love traveling with my daughter and family.   


7. What do your children think about your job?   你的女兒對你的工作有什麼看法?

  My daughter understands that my job is to recycle soap for people in need and she is proud of me doing this meaningful work.  


8. What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from being a dad?   作為父親,你認為最重要的是什麼?

  As a father, it is my duty to educate my child to contribute positively to society.   


9. Other than being a soap whisperer, what other super power do you wish you had?   除了成為香皂工藝師,你還有其他願望嗎?

  I wish I had the super power to improve the environment in every city!