Giving Soap with Dignity

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Our soap and hygiene education program’s goal are not only to improve health but also to restore self-dignity to our beneficiaries. Some of our beneficiaries have said that when their children use our soap, their skin rashes diminish. They also fall sick less which contributes to their school absenteeism rate dropping and they feel much better about themselves.


我們的環保香皂和衛生教育計劃的長遠目標不只是改善健康狀況,更致力於幫助恢復受惠者的自信心。 很高興一些受惠者表示他們的孩子使用環保香皂後可以令皮疹出現的機會減少,而他們患病次數減少從而使在學校的缺席率下降,使他們對自我肯定的感覺也更正面。


One mother in the Philippines even told us that her husband felt more confident and she thought that that confidence contributed to him getting a better job. This contributed to him earning a better income to support his family.

Our hygiene kit programs serve many homeless people in the U.S. We sometimes collaborate with other organizations to provide not only hygiene care but also hair-cuts, dental check-ups, clean clothes, shelter with a permanent address and with that, get a social security number and a job. This helps some of our homeless beneficiaries get off the street.

These are some examples of our programs’ key achievements, which is to help people in need break out of the cycle of poverty and become self-reliant. Helping our beneficiaries regain back their self-dignity is why we call our recycling process “giving soap with dignity”.


在菲律賓其中一位受惠母親說,她的丈夫感到更加自信,她認為這種自信有助於他獲得更好的工作。 這使他獲得了更好的收入來供養家庭。

我們的「環保衛生包組裝活動」為美國許多無家可歸的人士提供服務。我們更會與其他組織合作,不僅提供衛生保健,而且還提供理髮,牙科檢查,清潔的衣服,而固定住址的住所令他們獲得社會保障制度的協助和工作機會。 這有助於一些無家者改善生活。


Hygiene Education for Children - Clean the World Asia in the Philippines


We have come a long way since 2009 when our founder Shawn Siepler first started out of his garage. Back then, he and a handful of his family members sat on upside-down pickle buckets, scraping used bars of soap with potato peelers. Now we have dedicated Soap Whisperers across different continents scraping, sterilising and remoulding used bars of soap to create what Shawn calls an “excellent” bar of good-as-new soap.  And what do some of our beneficiaries think about how we create new bars from used bars of soap? Their answer, “It’s like magic!”.


自2009年來,創始人Shawn Siepler創立開始,已經走了很長的一段路。那時,他和家人坐在桶上用家庭刮薯皮工具修改已用過的香皂,到現在我們在各個大洲都有專門的香皂處理,對回收的香皂進行刮擦,消毒和重新塑造,以創造出優質的環保香皂。一些受惠者對環保香皂有何看法?他們的回答是:「就像魔法」。


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